I have been taking my daughter since she was aged 1.6 years, now she is almost 3.5 years, to help build up her weak immune system. I think she is shaping up quite well. Dr Raisoni is very polite and well behaved and takes time to listen to the problems and makes himself accessible in case of emergencies also.

Ashmani SenKalra.

He is one of the best doctors i have come across, i had a terrible back and then had damaged my knee, i could'nt stand for long, i am from mumbai and was suggested to open up the knee, but with his medicine i am able to do my lower body workouts at the gym and have also started to slowly jog, he is also a very harmless person and fine human being. I sincerly thank him

Hitesh Motiwala.

Dr. Raisoni is one of the best doctor we have seen. His patience level is admirable and always greets with smile. My Son was having asthama from the age of 2 and we have taken treatment from him for about a year and now he is totally cured of asthama. I am also having asthama from my childhood and taking treatment from Dr.Raisoni. I am very much comfortable now and the intensity and frequency of asthama reduced miraculously. For any need do visit this doctor and you will never be dissapointed.


He healed my knee pain.I use to have lot of knee pain and swelling.Was adviced to take heavy injections and under some heavy treatment but decided to not to undergo the painful treatment then met Dr Deven Raisoni who healed me with painless treatment and i am fine for past 6 years with no pain and swelling.He is a wonderful person,one of the best doctors,pure by heart with a positive attitute and is not commercial but truely a person who wants to heal people his positive approach, calm nature with smile heals you half way and the treatment completes it with the remaining half and makes a unhealed person heal making him/her whole.


Dr.Raisoni is the best Homeopath in Pune! As a person he is wonderful, pleasant and always approachable. You can call him anytime on his cell and he will help. On a couple of occasions when traveling outside of Pune my daughter fell ill and we did not want to take her to a regular MBBS doctor and being a new place we did not know any Homeopath. What we did was to call Dr.Raisoni and explained him the symptoms - He suggested some medicines which we were able to buy at the local homeopath store and eventually my daughter returned to normal. How many Doctors do you know of who can provide this kind of a personal service. My local MD doctor does not even entertain me beyond 5 mins (his time is money for him). I have seen people spend 45 minutes with Dr.Raisoni in his clinic - He gives time to his patients like nobody does. Visit him once and you will realize why he is the best. Do not waste your time trying to find any other doctor.

V.Gopi Krishna.

Hi All, My name is rohan mehra , 24 years old suffering from a autoimmune disease called alopecia aerata from last 4 months due to which i got some bald spots on my hair and beard. I taken an alopethic treatment for around 3 months in which the doctor prescribed me steroids and Injections, got to controlled some spots but new spots keep on coming , my hair keep on falling and felt some side effects from those medicine. Overall i was not satisfied and scared. I did a lot of internet research and found out that homeopathy is effective and cure this from roots. initially i didn't went for homeopathy due the long time of treatment and i wanted an immediate results but eventually i realized that the disease is growing fast and not stopping. the next hurdle is how to find a good homeopathy doctor and would it be effective? I did a research again and found Dr. Deven Raisoni, read the reviews over here and was impressed reading it. Went to him to get diagnosed to the bund garden clinic for the first time. I found him very calm and listen to the problem very empathetically. takes a complete case history . he assured me that he will cure this disease in 3-4 months. I found him very confident about his treatment. 15 days has past and i hope i did a right choice for getting treatment from Dr. Raisoni. I am very positive that he would cure this from roots. I will keep posting reviews here about ma recovery. Anyone can contact me at 9975983937.

Rohan Mehra

We all pray for our wishes. Yes, my parents and I also did the same thing for my wish of getting cured from a disease which is very difficult to cure and which will test the patience of not only the patient but also the doctor. God heard my prayers and appointed Dr. Deven Raisoni, MD (Homeopathic) to fulfill my wish. Myself Rohan, 17 years, resident of Pune city was suffering from skin disease known as "Psoriasis" in the world of medical science. This disease causes formation of cracks on the skin of foot, palm, joints of foot like ankle, knee joints, fingers and several white spots on body etc. Many times the cracks use to pain severely and pus formation was regular. Due to pains, I was unable to walk on foot and writing was extremely difficult due to cracks on palms. The disease started when I was 8 years old. It started with a single crack and then the crack aggravated with pus formation. In the beginning we consulted allopathic doctors. But medicine was unable to cure the disease. After some days the disease took its firm grip on the skin near the joints of knee, ankle and fingers. This was extremely painful. After trying routine allopathic medicine, we were advised to consult ayurvedic doctor. We contacted a famous ayurvedic doctor in the city. After convincing for regular and uninterrupted treatment, they accepted me as their patient. The treatment started when I was 9 years old. In the beginning, after obeying strict diet rules and taking medicine on time without any interruption, the medicine showed its effect and the disease stopped spreading. We continued the strict diet and medicine for 6 years. However, the disease came in to stagnation stage and did not show signs of progress. I was depressed and was not able to concentrate in my school life. My parents were also stressed due to the disease and praying to God. God appointed his representative: In the month of January 2010, prayers were accepted by God and he appointed his representative for me. My mother, consulted Dr. Deven Raisoni, MD (Homeopathic) and he took the challenge and accepted me as patient. I was very happy because there was no bitter medicine and very few restrictions on diet. The treatment showed stable progress and now I am almost free from the disease. The words like "Thanks" are not enough to such representative of God. However, I would like to pray God to bless Dr. Deven Raisoni all kinds of happiness and progress in his medical carrier. In the end I urge elders and friends that if they are suffering from such chronic diseases or any kind of disease, they can consult this Representative of God Dr. Deven Raisoni